Training Strategies Proven to Improve Sales and Morale

training-trainersOnce upon a time in the corporate America sales staff was paid a salary just like everyone else. This might sound strange to all of us now, but for years this was the way of doing things, and for years, companies and employees suffered from a lack of sales, a lack of profits, and a lack of employer-employee prosperity.

Modern Day Sales

Enter the modern marketplace. Now, it’s hard to find a salesman who is strictly paid on a salary basis, because employers found that offering sales staff a commission on top of a smaller base salary is a much better motivator or the employees and everything ends up better off.

The employee ends up making more money because he or she gets a piece of every single sale made. The employer is happy because more overall sales are being made and it makes up for the commission given to the employee.

These are the types of innovations in training programs that have swept across the business world.

This is obviously just one small example of how implementing the proper training program can help your company’s sales and improve morale across the office.

In the above scenario, they employee and the employer leave work happier than they did the day before the program was implement. The only question is, what else can you do for your company to see these kinds of positive gains elsewhere?

Other Employee Training Programs

The next big frontier of corporate American is train the trainer programs. These programs train in-house staff members to best serve the other employees in the office, how to deal with conflict, how to increase work flow productivity, etc.

Rather than having consultants come in a few times each year to go over things like this, companies are not training these employees in house. They will have a team of train the trainer certified employees that can train other employees or can deal with any conflicts that arise throughout the office.

This can save companies millions of dollars in consulting fees, but more importantly it helps internal logistics flow better.

Why Train the Trainer?

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, do I really want to get into an employee training process and everything that is involved with that?

The answer is yes, and you will kick yourself in five years if you don’t. Having dedicated facilitators and training the trainer professionals in your office will make a world of difference and you will wonder how you ever functioned without them.

At first you might not even notice—that is until things stop going wrong and the gears all start moving with ease and they aren’t fighting you every step of the way.

Think of a train the trainer as oil that you put on the gears of your company. They make sure things get done and that the trainers office-wide are trained.

Companies all across the country are currently making this shift and if you don’t want to get left behind, you will too before it’s too late.